Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If I Had a Horse…

…I would name her Intention, and I would ride her all day long. 

This would make it easier for me to do what I know I must do each do to maintain peace and equilibrium in my life. I am working hard to set my intention each my morning and stay grounded from a place of compassion and understanding even towards myself. Maybe it's not always so evident to those around me, but be assured that this is exactly what me and my girl Intention are trying to do.

I like this metaphor of a horse because of that other thing you are supposed to do with horses. You know- the thing about falling off and getting right back on. I'm not so sure that I really would do such a thing with a real live filly but this spirit icon horse and I are just gonna keep practicing till we ride off into the sunset.

Cue music.

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  1. Very you have a copy of that CD?