Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mail Call

I was cleaning off my desk this morning and guess what I found? Remember this post? Well, I really did do it and got this card in the mail just a few days later. You might think it wasn't that exciting since I had written the card myself, but you would be wrong. I wrote it quickly, letting the words flow out of my pen and quickly sealed it up tight before I could critique myself too much. Therefore, I really couldn't remember what it said. Awwww, I can be so nice and supportive to myself. Don't we all need to be reminded of that sometimes? 

In other news, my handwriting is not attractive. No, don't argue with me. Miss Davis would be so disappointed to know that it never did get better. It gets extra crazy when I am at my writing group and just trying to get the words on paper. I really should start transcribing those pages now, before I can't read it myself. 

Dusty & I are off to the unparalleled Oregon coast now, a birthday getaway for us both. Wish me happy antiquing, eating, and blackjacking!

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