Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashionably Late

I am late to the "Happy New Year" hullabaloo. My apologies, traffic was simply crushing, my heel broke, I was a bit under the weather, my alarm never went off, and assorted other excuses. The truth is I spent most of the holiday season, including the New Year's day and eve sorting out some relationship issues. What can I say? It's complicated folks. Also, love stinks.

But never mind all that now. What matters is now, this ordinary moment right here. At least that's what Pema Chodron has to say on the matter of the first month of the new year. I love these calendars from her, because sometimes it's all I can do to pause and enjoy those fleeting moments of beauty. Believe it or not, I pause at my little calender posted on my pantry door and read those words more times a day than might be seemly. Do you think that counts as meditation?

There is some good stuff coming this year folks, My health goals remain a priority and I add my writing practice to the rooster. Next week I join a writing group focused on personal memoir writing. I'm planning to expand the blog and maybe even join the blogosphere? If y'all will have me, of course. My vision is a little bit funny, part poetry, always writing, gardening, cooking/eating, and family shenanigans. Is a name change in order? Talk to me people. If you do, I promise to make you some of these:

And yes, those are four different kinds of chocolate chips plus mini dark m&m's. There might also be a few peanut butter chips hiding out in there too. Just sayin.


  1. Melyssa - the cookies (if you can call them that - more like chocolate with a little cookie) look wicked! So looking for an overall life type blog/blog name. How about "Complicated & Poetic Shenanigans" ? Oh - I do hope Q got to help eat some of the cookies.

  2. Those look freakin delicous, more candy then cookie but, i would eat them with a beer. How about "Understated And Complicated".